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Murzello's offers a wide range of abrasive from steel shots and grits to coconut shell and corn cob. Selection of abrasive is very important factor in obtaining the desired finish. The story of abrasive is an interesting one. When the process of blasting started, sand was the only abrasive in use. Today a variety of abrasives ranging from copper slag, garnet, hard grain, corncob, steel shots and grits and cut wire are easily available. However, the term 'sand blasting' is still used despite sand as an abrasive being banned in most countries.

Murzello's engineers are available to assist you in the appropriate selection and use of abrasive.

Steel Shot

Hard Grain


Copper Slag

Corn Cob

Glass Beads

Steel Shots are spherical particles available in sizes from S70 to S780.
Steel Grit are angular particles with the same chemistry and properties of steel shot and are available in sizes from G120 to G10.
Both are available with varying hardness

Hard grain abrasive are angular in shape and is mainly used for manual blasting at site. These abrasives have a life cycle of many passes and are available in sizes HG120 to HG10. This is an environmentally friendly abrasive.

Garnet are angular particles and is now a common blasting abrasive. It is a free flowing grain with a moderate particle breakdown on impact. Garnet is more environmentally friendly than copper slag & sand.

Copper Slag is also angular in shape. It is not a reusable abrasive and is being used as a replacement to sand. These are available in unmeshed packing generally conforming to SS12/14.

Corn Cob is the latest find in the blasting field. It is an agro based product available in several grades of uniform particle size. Being completely biodegradable, its abrasive and absorbent quantities find application in many industries.

Glass beads are spherical in shapes and are available in a large variety of sizes. Suitable for surface preparation, peening metal surfaces, producing matt/satin finish on metals and plastics mould cleaning etc.

Murzello manufactures the following Equipment for Abrasive Recovery:

- Mechanical Recovery
- Vacuum Recovery


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