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Airless / Centrifugal Blast Cleaning uses motor driven Blast Wheel rotating at high speed. The abrasive is propelled by this blast wheel, which uses radial and tangential forces to impart the necessary velocity to the abrasive. The position of the wheel from which the shot is projected is controlled to concentrate the blast in the desired direction. Among the advantages of the wheel method of propulsion are easy control of shot velocity, high production capacity, and freedom from the moisture problem encountered with compressed air.

Airless / Centrifugal blast systems are popular, economical and high production machines for various industries.

Murzello manufactures the following Equipment for Airless / Centrifugal Shot Blasting:
- Auto Pipe Shot Blasting
- Auto Plate Shot Blasting
- Auto Structural Shot Blasting
- Auto Monorail Type Shot Blasting
- Containerized Blasting
- Swing Table Machine
- Tumble Blast Machine


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