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Murzello's are pioneers in the field of surface preparation technology with two decades of experience in design, manufacture, supply, erection & commissioning various surface technology systems for blasting / painting. A number of tailor-made systems have been designed for freight containers, railway wagons, castings, forging & petrochemical industry.

All our equipment are designed to give the wearing components maximum life.
Our equipment is also environmentally friendly.
We not only supply the system but also arrange to train personnel for operation & maintenance of the equipment.
We also undertake the overall contract for operation & maintenance of our equipment.
We have been certified ISO 9001 – 2000 by RINA / CISQ since 2001.

What is Surface Preparation?
Surface Preparation has its begining in CORROSION. Corrosion is a serious problem faced by all sectors of industry. Corrosion is a disease.
Annually hundreds and thousands of tonnes of steel are lost due to corrosion.

Preventive measures to avoid corrosion are:-
1. Applying of Paint
2. Powder Coating
3. Hot Dip Galvanizing
4. Spray Galvanizing
5. Various Coatings

The performance of protective coatings of paint and related products applied to steel is significantly affected by the state of the steel surface prior to painting.

The principal factors that influence this performance are:
1. The presence of rust and mill scale
2. The presence of surface contaminants, including salts, dust, oil & grease
3. The surface profile

To ensure that the surface is prepared correctly, cleanliness of the surface and blast cleaning is essential. To obtain the best life of a coated surface, BLAST CLEANING is the best method.

What is Blast Cleaning?
Blast Cleaning has been described as, "An impact cleaning system that is neither cutting, grinding nor abrading. It is essentially a pounding, battering or bombarding of the work surface by successive impacts of flying abrasive."

How was it invented?
The action of flying sand on surfaces was noticed to have a etched surface. This led to the development of the blast cleaning process.

Murzello's are proud to be pioneers in Surface Preparation Technology. We manufacture and supply Blast Cleaning Equipment.

Rusted Steel Plates BEFORE Surface Preparation

AFTER Surface Preparation


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